Technology platform CAESAR

Capital management is a demanding task. Passive index funds (ETFs) react with losses in negative market movements. Therefore, our investment strategies are actively managed and fully monitored from a risk management point of view by our AI platform CAESAR. Our software monitors the capital markets 24 hours, 7 days a week. This allows us to protect assets and add value.

We use machine learning, cloud computing and other technologies to find connections in the world’s data. We work with vast amounts of data and financial market indicators from major data providers and APIs to all G7 central banks.

Quantitative models form the basis of our investment strategies. In a systematic, process-driven manner, AI elements are added to the models, tested and optimized. We continuously optimize our investment strategies by constantly monitoring our indicators and algorithms. In this way, we derive smarter trading decisions that are focused on generating true alpha on the one hand and effective risk management on the other.

Are you a bank or traditional asset manager looking for the next investment innovation? Together we will find out how our AI-augmented asset management software CAESAR can also optimize your investment strategies to position your company in the megatrend “Artificial Intelligence” as well.


Private Alpha Stock Screener

Our Private Alpha Stock Screener (PASS) combines both fundamental and technical analysis within a universe of 15000 publicly traded companies to uncover unique investment opportunities.


With the help of our CAESAR technology platform, we are able to optimize all leading indices in the world with an AI overlay. Our showcase here is our strategy certificate on the Swiss SMI, which we launched in collaboration with Bank Vontobel.

Are you looking for your next investment innovation for your clients or your asset management and the topic of Artificial Intelligence is of strategic importance for you in the future? Then talk to us and use our scalable technology platform to launch your own AI strategy. We deliver the signal to your asset management or you provide the seed volume of the new product and Private Alpha launches a strategy certificate or investment fund with its partners. Let’s take the next evolutionary step in asset management together.

We have already defined AI overlay strategies and built live track records for the following indices: Eurostoxx 50 / SA 40 / FTSE 100 / S&P500.

Please find attached an example of our overlay signals: AI Signal on Eurostoxx 50.

Performance Comparison (since 05.07.2019)

Index Performance Jahresvolatilität Sharpe Ratio
KI Euroland 36.7% 10.3% 1.678
Euro Stoxx 50 15.5% 25.7% 0.202
Delta -59%
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